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Monday, July 17, 2006

Pet Please

I know this item was listed in Sunday Time's Lifestyle section last weekend, but I've had these pictures for more than a week now and have been meaning to post them all of last week. Really.

This spongy door stopper is currently being used on my study door. While my bedroom door has a cat flap for the cats to enter and exit at will when the aircon is on and the door is shut, the same cannot be said of our study door. The aircon in the study is not often on, so when we do switch it on, we just wait for the cats to indicate when they want to come in or go out (they scratch or meow) and get up from our computers to open the door for them. But with global warming, the too-hot-to-bear days are becoming more frequent. So when we saw this little contraption at NTUC's Liberty Market in Junction 8, we decided to buy it to keep the study door slightly ajar when the aircon is on. It works pretty well in that the cats can push their way in with the Pet Please in place. But unfortunately, when they do so, the door tend to swing open wide, allowing the cold air to escape. So in the end, I would still have to get up to move the door back to its original position. But at least I can do so at my own timing instead of being pressured to do so immediately by the persistent meowing and scratching of little furry people who can't open their own doors!


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