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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Anniversary Present

Each year, for our wedding anniversary, we would get a gift that the both of us can share. This year, we decided to get a pair of wedding goats from Oxfam Unwrapped. Don't worry, you won't actually get a pair of goats delivered to your HDB flat. Instead, the goats are sent to families in 3rd world countries who need them more than you do. What you do get is a card (1st picture) that contains a photo of a pair of wedding goats (2nd picture) and at the back of the photo, is a little write-up on what it means to buy the goats (3rd picture). The card is in 3 sections and if you fold the 1st and 3rd sections backwards, it becomes a little stand which you can then use to display the adorable picture of the wedding goats on your desk. They also have other unusualy gifts such as a school desk and chair, a bee hive or a share in a mango plantation. I'm eyeing the donkey or camel next!


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