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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Art Class #2

At art class today, we learnt about paints (tone, intensity, hue & temperature) and how to mix them. I didn't think that mixing paints would be so hard, after all we had done it as kids, but it is.

Initially, the instructor told us to just go ahead and paint one of the fruits, mixing the colours whichever way we deemed fit. So I proceeded to paint the lemon (that's the one on the left, it looked like a mango to a number of us), happily mixing paints based on instinct. After we had completed the first fruit. He taught us the basics about paint and also how to mix the colours. We then proceeded to paint the second fruit, which in my case was an apple. But the second time around, I had to think so hard that it was difficult to get the colours I wanted. Also, my ability to see the subtleties of lighting has not improved and unless something is obviously dark or light, I'd miss it. :(


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