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Manja Cats: Tigger, Ve Ching, Harmony & Missy (in order of adoption); Singapore: Where we are currently living; Us: Alex's British, Tarsier Girl is Singaporean.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Eeewww!! It Stinks!

Sometimes, I get awaken in the middle of the night by a horrendous pooey smell. The first few times this happened, I would get up and search the room thinking that maybe one of the cats has had an 'accident'. But I always fail to find anything. It then occurred to me that perhaps one of the cats or Alex had farted in their sleep (is that possible or does one have to be conscious?). But looking at them, I couldn't figure out who could have done it as it was impossible to tell from looking at their sweet sleeping faces.

But this afternoon, as I walked into the study, I was definitely hit by a nausea-inducing fart and the only living creature in the room, large enough to produce such a stink, was... TIGGER! I should have known that he was the most likely culprit! Cos he has the second most stinky poo in the household (after Missy) and he sleeps in our bedroom every single night, sometimes right in front of my nose!


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