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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Cat Alarm

This morning, I was awaken at 6.05am by my cat alarm, alerting me to the fact that the food bowls were empty! I usually fill the kitties' food bowls at 9 in the morning and night. But last night, as I was going out for a late dinner with friends, I filled their bowls at 7pm and forgot to top it up when I got home later.

So this morning, Ve Ching took it upon himself, as the kitties' self-appointed leader, to stand on my arm as I lay asleep on my side, bend over and scream into my ear! He has done this before and will usually give up after 4 or 5 cries if I pretend to remain asleep. But this morning, he just wouldn't give it up. He yelled and yelled directly into my left ear until I finally got up and filled his bowls. I then went back to sleep and when I got up later, he was happily napping on the blue cushion in my bedroom.


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