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Friday, May 26, 2006

Gecko Hunting II

Wouldn't you know it? Right after I post about their last gecko hunting expedition, what did kitties do? Frighten mummy half to death with more of their lizard catching exploits!

The Hunters

Harmony Posted by Picasa

Tigger Posted by Picasa

Missy Posted by Picasa

The Hunted

Gecko Posted by Picasa

At around 10+ last night, we noticed Harmony sitting on the balcony ledge, staring intently at the ceiling. We knew then that there must be a lizard/cockroach/fly/any other insect there. Alex took a look and announced that it was a fat, juicy lizard. As it was pretty high up, he deemed it safe where it was and left it alone.

Not long after, while we were watching CSI (recorded), the gecko appeared in the living room and decided to run a mini marathon. Its little lap around the room only served to attract the attention of more kitties. By this time, Tigger and Missy had both joined in the hunt. Everyone got even more excited, when the lizard started to descend the wall. When it was about a quarter way down, Harmony welcomed its approach by scrabbling up the wall. We could hear her little claws clicking as she carried out her version of rock climbing. That at least scared the gecko enough for it to run up the wall again, out of harm's way. We turned our attention back to Grissom and his pals for this hunting business is usually a long drawn affair that could last the whole night.

When the commercials came on, we suddenly noticed that all the kitties had disappeared from the room. With a sense of foreboding, we went in search of the cats. In the study, they were everywhere. Harmony was running furiously up and down one side of the room, in pursuit of the lizard, while Tigger and Missy were watching her closely, all heightened and ready to pounce, should any action come their way. In the middle of the room, there was a lizard's tail that was still wriggling about, trying desperately but hopelessly to distract the kitties from its ex-owner. Alex went off to get a dust pan and brush, to save the gecko with. By the time he got back, the lizard had hidden under the CPU. Alex lifted the box and the lizard made a mad dash... towards me. I ran screaming from the room, followed by the gecko, kitties and Alex with his dust pan and brush. Luckily for me and the gecko, Alex managed to sweep it onto the dust pan pretty quickly and deposit outside the flat. Hopefully, it would have better sense than to come into a multi-cat household the next time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eeeeeuuuwwww! Yes, the Canadian Girl is STILL having difficulty visualising this, though she did laugh when she read it! Do you mean to tell me that geckos can lose their tails and survive to tell the tale? I guess you better visit some of our downtown parks to see the squirrels with missing or shortened tails.... In our neighbourhood we can always tell when one of the cats has been having a good night - a squirrel will appear without a tail. Just goes to prove that no matter what side of the world they're on, a cat is a cat is a cat. Snuggles to all of them for me, okay?

10:54 pm  
Blogger kuro.shiro.neko said...

sounds like an amazing adventure for all 4-leggeds!

poor alex... poor you.. poor lizard... hee...

5:38 pm  
Blogger Tarsier Girl said...

Canadian Girl, yes, our geckos can live very well without their tails. In fact, it's a survival tactic for them. While their tails distract the hunter, they make their getaway.

kuri.shiro.neko, poor kitties too, cos they didn't get to catch the lizard.

9:03 pm  

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