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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Comfy Cat Cushion

A few weeks ago, I had lunch with Dawn at Junction 8. After lunch, she brought me to a small shop on the ground floor which sold items such as purses and bags featuring cute little cats and dogs. I bought this cushion at the shop not only because the cats on it are adorable, but because there's a dent in the middle of it which makes the cushion downright cosy - just what the kitties like! And they've proved me right ever since by making use of it daily. Unfortunately, in these photos, you are unable to see the dent cos it's always covered by a cat! Thanks Dawn for bringing me to the shop.


Blogger singaporegrrl said...

awww, so cute!

1:29 am  
Blogger yanni11blog said...

my friend have more than 5 kittens for adoption in a months time.

urgent. need a loving caring responsible owner for these kittens.

please call 9866 7535 for viewing.

10:33 am  
Blogger KXBC said...

Your second pic reminds me of myself. Look at that magnificent pose we both do. You can see mine at

Meow, Kim Kim

1:48 pm  
Blogger Tarsier Girl said...

Yup, you are right. You and Ve Ching sleep alike!

9:07 pm  

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