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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hit & Run

Click on the photo if you want to read what the text boxes in the picture say.

While on our way to dinner last night, we discovered that someone had hit our parked car and driven off without leaving us a note claiming responsibility for the damage. I guess that was too much to hope for. Given that our car is almost brand new (less than 2 months old), I think we both took it pretty well. There was no anger, no frustration. For me, there was just a tinge of sadness that someone could have been so irresponsible. My faith in humankind is forever being tested. :)

But I am actually pretty happy at how well we both reacted. As a Buddhist, I'm forever trying not to get attached to things. I think I've just about managed it with non-living things like the car, but living things like my kitties are a whole different matter altogether.

So, to the person who hit my car, I say, thank you very much. If you had not hit my car and driven away without a note, I wouldn't have had the chance to practise what the Dharma teaches. May you be well and happy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Manjacat,

I appreciate you. You are really practising the Dharma as a real Buddhist.

Your cats are very cute as well. I have noticed Tigger since I found about him in the newspaper.

I also have 7 cats. Almost all are picked up from the street since they are so young.

Nan Nan.

1:58 pm  
Blogger singaporegrrl said...

I can't believe how rude the other driver is. I appreciate your attitude towards the offender, but it's still the principle of the matter. If you do wrong, you must take responsibility for it.

6:46 am  
Blogger Tarsier Girl said...

Nan Nan, Thank you for your comment. I try my best.

singaporegrrl, Yes, I agree with you that the other driver should take responsibility but since he/she hasn't, I've decided to turn a negative situation into a positive one.

9:13 pm  

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