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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Postcards from Japan

Usually, when I go abroad, I would bring along photographs of my kitties in my handphone. And when I start to miss them, I would whip out my handphone to look at their likeness.

But in 2002, when I tagged along on Alex's business trip to Yokohama, I had forgotten to bring any pictures of my cats because I had to use a handphone loaned from M1 (Singapore handphones don't work in Japan). A few days into the trip, I missed my cats so much that I bought these postcards which reminded me of them. At the time, Ve Ching and Tigger were my only furkids, so I got the top postcard as it reminded me of Ve Ching and the one below, which reminded me of Tigger.

If I should forget to bring pictures of my kitties in future trips abroad, I think I will be hard put to find a postcard of a cat that resembles Missy because postcards of grey calicos are rare. Also, in Japan, it was very easy to find pictures of cats but it may not be quite so simple to find good postcards of cats in other countries.


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