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Manja Cats: Tigger, Ve Ching, Harmony & Missy (in order of adoption); Singapore: Where we are currently living; Us: Alex's British, Tarsier Girl is Singaporean.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Kitties for Company

As most of the time I am the only human around the house during the day, it's great to have kitties for company. While they are asleep most of the time, they will at least sleep around me while I work. In this picture, Harmony (left) is fast asleep in the basket. But just minutes before, she was pestering me to stroke her and would walk to and fro in from of the monitor, effectively blocking the screen until I had stroked her to sleep. Tigger then came in and plopped himself in front of the keyboard which I had just vacuumed free of tons of cat fur and claw bits, and gone to sleep. Earlier on, he was in the kitchen, browsing my cook books while I was looking for the recipe for agar agar with coconut or evaporated milk. And yesterday, Harmony stayed in the kitchen supervising while I made soya bean milk. She was a little put off by the smell of raw soya beans, but so was I!


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