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Saturday, February 25, 2006

A380 at Asian Aerospace 2006

This week was Asian Aerospace 2006, which was held at Changi Airport which is close to where I work. I didn't go down to the exhibition, but the limited flying display was during lunch time so I went onto the roof to watch. Unfortunately the weather was cloudy all week, the exhibition was at the other end of the runways and there were only five planes flying, four of which were fighters. So all I could see was a little speck in the distance whizzing in and out of the clouds. But because the new Airbus A380 was flying, that made up for it.

It seemed to be flying so slowly during the display and the angle of climb and bank angles the pilot pulled were very impressive. But unfortunately too far away for my camera to get a good photo. However, after the display was over it flow up towards my office, performed a tight 180 degree turn and flow back passed my office to land, enabling me to take the shots posted here. Fantastic!

I went up to the roof the next day, and although less cloudy, still difficult to get good shots of the flying display. This time on the return to land they flow directly overhead, (it is incredibly quiet), but instead of landing on the runway closest to my office they landed on the one at the far side of the airport, and so no second chance for a close-up shot.


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