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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Living in a HDB Estate

I love, love, love living in a HDB flat. Today, when I went downstairs to get my lunch, I spotted a mangosteen, sitting by its lonesome self, in the middle of the 11th storey lift lobby. It just seemed so strange, a mangosteen sitting all by itself, with just a piece of tissue paper for company. I contemplated clearing them off, but didn't want to rob someone else of this curious sight, for at the very least, it might just amuse them as it did me.

Later, when I went to get dinner, it was no longer there. But I saw it again, about a block away, on a little strip of grass between two blocks. Was it the same mangosteen? Or was there a little old lady walking around with a plastic bag that was leaking mangosteens?


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