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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Gecko Hunting

Everytime a gecko enters our flat, I pray that the kitties will not spot it (killing for sport can't possibly generate good karma for them right?), but they inevitable do. What happens next is a little meowing and then a long patient wait for the gecko to somehow fall down to the ground. Although I've never seen a gecko actually do a freefall (what else are their sticky pads for?), they must somehow do so, because I often wake up in the morning to find bits of lizard around the place, be it a bit of tail or a squashed body.

On this occasion, Ve Ching and Harmony had been hunting the gecko for awhile. But they must have taken their eyes of it for a moment 'cos the lizard seemed to have made good its escape, as shown in the picture above. Seconds later, Ve Ching spotted the gecko making its getaway and immediately jumped onto the Osim chair and used it as a springboard to launch himself at the lizard. Unfortunately he crashed onto the wall, bounced off the floor and careened towards the balconey. Alex rushed to pick him up to see if he was alright, and saw something white sticking out of his mouth. He shook Ve Ching and lo and behold, the gecko dropped out. With his hands full of squirming, wriggling cat, Alex yelled at me to save the lizard before Ve Ching gets loose. "You've got to be kidding!?! I'm not about to touch an eeky creepy crawly lizard," was the first thought that came to mind. Luckily for me, by the time I reached the balcony, the gecko had already made good its escape by dashing out the front door. That is one lucky lizard!


Blogger Oreo said...

OH! I had lizards on MY bloggie twice this week! I don't eat them I just kill them!

9:13 pm  

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