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Manja Cats: Tigger, Ve Ching, Harmony & Missy (in order of adoption); Singapore: Where we are currently living; Us: Alex's British, Tarsier Girl is Singaporean.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thanks Dawn!

Tigger the Unofficial Meow Mix Spokescat

Dawn came back from the U.S. with a Kitty Hoots Tail Chaser and some Pounce and Meow Mix treats for my kitties. Tigger, Ve Ching, Harmony and Missy would like to say a big thank you to their Auntie Dawn! Ve Ching drooled so much over the Tail Chaser in the 1st five minutes (because of the powerful catnip), that it was absolutely drenched. Only Harmony would deign to play with it after that. I wouldn't have touched it with a 10-foot pole!

The Meow Mix Box is so adorable, as ably demonstrated by Tigger above. Inside, the treats are also very cute, as some are shaped like a cat's head while others look like tiny fishes.

Harmony Attacking the Tail Chaser


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