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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Harmony in the Bathroom

This is my view of Harmony when she is in the bathroom asking to be stroked. Harmony is a funny little cat in that she has very specific locations in the flat where she wants/demands to be stroked. Her favourite stroking place is in the master bathroom. The study table comes second and every other place in the flat is off limits for stroking. When we try to stroke her in any place other than the bathroom or study table, she will curve her body away from our hands and walk away.

When either of us is in the bathroom, especially in the morning and at night, Harmony will come running. This is because Harmony loves, not just getting strokes in the bathroom, but also drinking from the taps in the bathroom, particularly the one in the shower (pictured below). She will meow till we turn on the tap for her. She doesn't mind getting all wet in the process of lapping up her 'nectar'.

When she wants her strokes, she will first stare at you, willing you to stroke her. But if you ignore her, she'll start meowing at you. And if I continue to ignore her, she'll give up and either walk out of the bathroom or just lie down on the bathroom mat. But if Alex continues to ignore her (e.g. if he's shaving, brushing his teeth), she'll nip him around the ankles. As I've always said, the cats know who they can bully.


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