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Manja Cats: Tigger, Ve Ching, Harmony & Missy (in order of adoption); Singapore: Where we are currently living; Us: Alex's British, Tarsier Girl is Singaporean.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

“It’s a beautiful day, The sun is shining…”

So sings Queen.

Yesterday morning I came out of the hotel to see sunlight breaking through the clouds and shadows on the ground. After a morning in a windowless cube farm I came out for lunch to see patches of blue sky and a strong breeze blowing. After an afternoon in “the cubes”, I emerged to find a bright blue nearly cloudless sky.This is the resulting view from my room in the evening. A bit more round to the right I can see mountains in the distance. Unfortunately I couldn’t photograph them because the window doesn’t open and there were reflections of the room in the window.


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