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Monday, June 05, 2006

Back in Beijing

I’ve been in Beijing for a week now for work. The hotel and work are on the north east of Beijing just off the third ring round and near the embassy district.



Yes the sky is as grey as it looks in the pictures. It’s been like this all day, every day I’ve been here. I’m not sure what the cause is, because I’m not suffering from the effects of heavy pollution, runny nose or eyes, sore throat, but the visibility is appalling for some reason. I miss my Singapore summer’s days.

A room with a view please

If you think it looks depressing now, wait till the winter when most of the trees are bare, then the place is really grey.

The hotel room isn’t bad, though a bit small and like many hotels although there is a desk no one thought to provide a proper chair to you can comfortably at it. However it has a really nice shower.

The restaurant is nice and roomy and with a conservatory overlooking a garden along the longest wall, it is nice and bright. It also has a wide selection of pastries for breakfast, though not all are tasty.

To try and work off the breakfast pastries I’ve been walking back from work. If I take the long route it’s about a brisk twenty five walk and it gives me the chance to listen to about half of one of Ajahn Brahm’s talks, (which can be down loaded from the Buddhist Society of Western Australia) on my iPod nano. On my way back to the hotel I pass the following sculptures and vaguely familiar looking fast food outlet

Who does this remind you of?

Along the sides of the road news papers hung up to be read, which is the traditional way in which people got the news.


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