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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Working with Canadians eh.

Since producing some fairly decent satirical podcasts during the recent elections here, Tarsier Girl has been reading Mr Brown's blog. A few days ago he suggested that Singaporeans produce some patriotic podcasts after being inspired by the Molson beer "I am Canadian" commercial.

As a lot of my colleagues are Canadian, I felt a kinship with Joe's sentiments. But it's ironic that he says that he doesn't know "Jimmy, Sally or Suzy" as on my first trip to Canada, (in '94), the immigration officer, (the nicest I've ever come across), did ask me if I knew some people back in England!

Molson also produced a couple of other adverts. Although the jacket pulling looks weird to us non Canadians, a Canadian colleague told me that this is the second step in the pre-fight ritual during an (ice) hockey match, (the first step is dropping the gloves on to the ice), and so is instantly recognisable to them. Another colleague told me that when he was in the southern states a lady in all sincerity did ask if he lived in an igloo!

No additional Canadian culture info for this one, it's just funny and our favourite.


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