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Monday, May 12, 2008

2nd Street Cafeteria

This non-descript building is located next to SPH in Toa Payoh North. It's actually the industrial canteen catering to the flatted factories surrounding it. But once you go inside, you'll not only be pleasantly surprised by how clean and airy it is, but by the type of food stalls it has.

Besides the usual stalls selling noodles and Muslim food, there's an ang moh dessert stall called Chocolate Hearts that sells waffles, muffins and brownies. Next to it is a Thai food stall, followed by Botak Jones, which sells American food.

Further down, there's a Japanese stall called Sakura and next to it is an Italian stall serving pasta and pizzas. At the opposite end to the entrance, there's even a Botak Jones Brewski, serving what else, but beer!

Even though it was lunch time on a Sunday when we went, the place had a steady stream of customers. It was half full when we got there at 12 and three quarter full when we left at 1pm. And instead of the usual hawker centre attire of t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops, people were dressed as if they had come straight from church.

The only thing lacking in this place is a good drinks stall. There is one coffee stall there that also serves fruit juice but because the juicer is in dire need of a cleaning, the juices don't taste like the fruits that they were squeezed from. Also, Alex needed a Cappuccino to go with his Waffle a la mode.


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