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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Labuan Trip

Last week I was on a four day trip to Labuan, an island just of the island of Borneo. Here are the photos I took.
Labuan Trip
I've marked them onto a Google map so you'll have a good idea where the place is, but unfortunately it isn't possible (or I don't know how to and can't be bother to find out how) to show the direction the photo was taken in.

The island's economy is mainly centred around the import and processing of natural gas and, presumably because it is quite remote, is tax free.

The remoteness was greatly enjoyed by my colleagues (two from Pune, India, one from Petaling Jaya, the town/city next too/merged with Kuala Lumpur) and myself. The lack of cars and people was very restful.

We ate at outdoor cafes within walking distance of the hotel for dinner. On the first night, without our Malay speaking colleague who arrived the second night, it was hard for us to order a vegetarian meal for one of my colleagues. However the chef did a great job of making vegetable fried rice. Generally the food was great, even at the customer's offices and despite us continuously showing up late. However on the last night the one of the Indian dishes we had was a little over spiced, which was a shame.

The journey there and back was via KL International Airport and flying into it on Thursday night, I was surprised just how unlit the area around it was.


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