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Monday, May 05, 2008

Kitten Excitement

One of my friends is looking to adopt a kitten or two. So last Friday, after work, we went to a foster's house to view some kittens that are up for adoption. Even though I wasn't the one doing the adopting, I still felt very excited. It's always exciting getting a new 'baby', finding out it's likes and dislikes, its little personality etc.

At the foster's place, there were four 3-month-old kittens (pictured above) and their mother for adoption. These were strays that had been picked off the streets. Another 2 of their siblings had already been adopted. 3 of the kittens are boys (2 gingers and 1 grey tabby), while the remaining tortie is a girl.

Also at the foster's house was a poor, little ginger kitten with parts of its fur shaved off. You can't see the shaved off bits in the above picture 'cos those furless patches were on its right side. This kitten was rescued off the streets where it was found soaked in kerosene. When we approached its cage, it hissed at us. But when we started playing with the other kittens, it mewed at us to get some attention. Later, the lady who had rescued it came for a visit. She was able to take it out of its cage, wrap it in a towel and give it long cuddles. I'm glad that it had been rescued by such a kind person, who obviously has lots of experience with cats. This kitten needs someone who is not afraid of its aggressive posturing (a typical reaction of an abused animal) and who can give it lots of love. This lady seems to fit the bill.


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