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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

No Junk Mail - UOB

I have 2 accounts with UOB and because of that, I receive 2 statements, plus 2 cover sheets (Summaries) and 2 sets of identical promotional materials in 2 envelopes every month. Given all this waste, I thought I could help save resources and the environment by opting out of having my statements sent to me. I did this online 2 months ago and since then, with the exception of the statements, I have continued to receive all of the above - 2 Summaries and 2 identical sets of junk mail in 2 envelopes.

Last night, I called the UOB hotline to ask why they persist in sending all this to me when I've already opted out. The customer service lady said that by opting out online, I was only instructing UOB to stop sending my statements to me. If I want UOB to stop sending the Summaries and junk mail as well, I would have to write in to their branch and ask for it to be stopped.

Aiyoh, why so leh cheh? Why is it that I can opt out of having my statements sent to me online but not the Summaries and junk mail too? It just doesn't make sense. The UOB customer service lady couldn't answer my question either.

They sure don't make it easy for their clients to be green. I guess I'll write UOB a letter to stop the summaries and junk mail being sent and in the process, give them a few tips about how they can be a little more customer friendly and helpful to the environment!


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