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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Speaking of Toilets...

Isn't he pretty? Even when seated on the toilet? Back in the days when I had only 2 cats, I decided one day to train Tigger and Ve Ching to use the toilet instead of their litter box. I managed to actually get them trained to the point where they would jump up on the toilet and use it, provided there was a roasting pan underneath the seat, even if the roasting pan had a huge hole in it. Unfortunately, when the hole got so big that the pan was almost non-existent, Tigger became freaked by the plopping noise made by his poo hitting the water and the water splashing up and refused to use it anymore. He would instead poop on the floor in the bathroom although he would still pee into the toilet. So sadly, our toilet training ended there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi there,

im fascinated in toilet 'bowl' train my 4 cats. How do u do it?

Email me


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