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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Cat Obsessed With Flushing Toilet

More than a week ago, Dawn posted a link to a video, which showed a black and white cat repeatedly flushing the toilet in order to watch the water swirl in the toilet bowl. Seeing that video reminded me of Harmony's similar antics as a kitten, although she didn't go as far as to flush the toilet herself. But everytime anyone went near the toilet, she would come running, in the hope that someone would flush it for her amusement. As the water swirled, she would sit on the rim, poke her head in the bowl and sometimes play with the water that's running down the side of the bowl. She became so obsessed that we had to put the toilet seat cover down when we were not using it, in case she fell in one day. The funny thing is, when I told a friend about how Harmony likes the toilet water so much, she said that her toddler was the same way, and that she too liked to watch the water and put her hand into the toilet bowl!


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