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Sunday, April 20, 2008

See You Again Ve Ching

Something really sad happened while I was on hiatus from blogging. My dear sweet Ve Ching passed away. He was diagnosed with feline pancreatitis. The only possible 'treatment' according to the vet was to change his diet. But Ve Ching wouldn't eat what the vet had prescribed and soon, it became a struggle to get him to eat anything at all. I tried all kinds of food - cat and human - and would feed him every 3 hours because he ate so little at each sitting. Towards the end, I had to liquidise his food as he wouldn't eat any solids. Somehow, he managed to perservere and surprised our vet by living for several months. He finally passed away on the eve of my birthday last year.

This is the very last photo that I took of him, 10 days before his demise. You can't tell from the photo, but he had grown very skinny by then. He used to weigh 5.5kg but had shrunk to 3.6kg, the very last time I weighed him.

In the months since he died, I've had 2-3 dreams in which he appeared as a small black and white kitten. I hope that it means he'll be in my life again in the future. But it could just as well have been wishful dreaming.


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