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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Another week, another country.

(The title will make more sense when I catch-up and finish the posting that now covers the last four months. So much for starting a blog so that I don’t end up writing huge newsletters!). I’m posting this from Hong Kong airport which provides free WiFi access throughout the building!, however I haven’t found a seating area that has power points, but I haven’t searched the whole place yet.

I’ve been in Hong Kong for the week, for a project kick off meeting. It went well, although the customer added more work to the project scope and has very high expectations, so it’s going to be a very busy next nine months or so for me.

The customer’s site is near the top of the New Territories and so it’s about a 40 minute journey by MTR, train and taxi, but as it’s away from the direction of the daily commute of most people, it’s a pleasant journey. There’s a huge difference in the surroundings of Kowloon, (where my hotel was), which is crowded, bright and busy, (the typical image of Hong Kong) and the customer’s site, which is quite spacious, not very busy or crowded and surrounded by mountains.

The weather was colder than expected, so I had to wear my coat in my room as I only bought short sleeve shirts and the hotel only had air conditioning and not heating.

The main problem though was that it is very hazy and so the photos I took of the countryside didn’t come out very well.

When I woke up this morning and looked out from my 12th floor window across to the building opposite I saw that some one in the building was keeping two small dogs in a dog run on the top of the building. Not something I was expecting to see.